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In addition to our online products, we also customize keyboards, numeric keypads, protective covers, and many other keyboard accessory products for corporations, government agencies, educational organizations, and other institutions.



Replacement Keyboard Stickers

  > Stickers for Worn Off Keys
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  > Large Print Key Stickers
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Language Products

 > Language Keyboard Labels
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 > Language Keyboards

Protective Covers

 > Keyboard Protective Covers
 > Laptop Protective Covers
 > Keypad Protective Covers
 > Mouse Protective Covers
> Laptop Screen Protectors

 > Flat Panel Screen Protectors
 > Telephone Covers

Genovation Keypads

 > Programmable Keypads
 Non-Programmable Keypads

 > Customizable Keypads
 > Keypad Accessories


Reseller Programs

We have reseller programs for all of our products


Government Agencies

Smart Keyboard Solutions qualifies for many government buying programs


Educational Products

 > Typing Masks
 > Keyboard Protective Covers
 > Large Print Keyboards
 > Numeric Keypadsz

Custom Solutions

 > Custom Keyboards
 > Custom Labels/Stickers
 > Custom Faceplates
 > Custom Protective Covers





Specialized Keyboards

  > Keyboards with Pointing Devices
Large Print Keyboards

  > Left Handed Keyboards
  > Mechanical Keyboards

  > Mini Keyboards
  > Waterproof Keyboards
  > Wireless Keyboards



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